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My Aims

I believe in changing the way things are. I believe in changing things for the better. I believe in being passionate about what you do and why you do it.

Based in Glasgow and Ljubljana and run by me, Dr Craig French, I provide a unique client-centred service to start-ups and existing small businesses, organisations and individuals.

‘The coaching provides you with the tools to improve, whilst the consulting aims to provide you with solutions.’

Embracing an informal yet highly professional approach, I aim to work with you to channel energy and enthusiasm into identifying and achieving positive outcomes and solutions to a wide range of issues and activities such as:

  • Enhancing personal impact and performance
  • Providing insight into business direction
  • Changing the work environment to suit your needs
  • Improving engagement with others
  • Assisting in faster and more efficient progression towards goals
  • Bettering time management
  • Managing change, conflict, stress or crisis
  • Preparation for a change in role
  • Dynamic personal and professional development


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How I Can Help You

I offer a wide range of consultancy services

Does your organisation or company have a need to improve its systems and services, a project to develop, stakeholders to engage, a report to write, or a issue that demands insightful research?

If you need extra capacity for short to medium term project work, then I can work with you to achieve your objectives.

I offer extensive experience of dealing with issues across a number of sectors and business areas- including culture, public affairs, development, and education – and, crucially, I achieve positive results.

I have a PRINCE2 qualification.

Specifically, I can provide the following input:

  • Research
  • Business planning
  • Business development
  • Organisational change
  • Report or more generalist writing to publication standard
  • Project management
  • Policy analysis
  • Partnership-working and stakeholder engagement
  • Event organisation and management

My experience has involved project work with:

  • European institutions
  • International organisations
  • Local and national government
  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • Universities and other educational bodies
  • Environmental, cultural and voluntary organisations

I specialise in the provision of bespoke coaching services to professional people

There is a well known historical saying – ‘Either find a way or make one’.

I specialise in working with individuals who are aiming to develop their business or organisation – to focus on depth and/or growth.

It is not just about the business potential, it is also about your potential within the business.

This can also involve dealing with issues around the work/life balance, confidence, inspiration and creativity. It can be an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience, but you can also feel a keen sense of isolation. Lack of support is unfortunately one of the risk factors.

This is not about business consultancy – that will merely provide you with a set of solutions. This is about providing you with a set of tools to develop your own solutions that are fit for purpose for you and for your business/organisation.

The commitment to you is to play a fundamental part in ensuring that you achieve the results you desire – if you are prepared to work hard to change the things you want to change, then it will happen.

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Please contact me by email or by phone to discuss any ideas that you may have or clarify any of the services that I offer.

Phone: 00 44 (0)7772476351

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