Ever thought how nice it would be to have the power to know how to be successful in life? Not tomorrow, but today. Mantra and the power of the mind can help you begin a journey to make a big difference. Whatever that difference means for you, and your ambition is unique, let’s go for it.

All of us have things going on we aren’t particularly happy about. Things we wish were better. Even the top models think that there is something about their appearance that could be improved, that isn’t quite good enough. One of the keys to unlocking the door that permits you to enter the room where the making of changes happens is an awareness that these assumptions arise in your own mind. They take form there and become your reality when in actual fact, they really don’t have to.

You have all your senses, right? Touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste. We naturally assume that these report the facts about our everyday experiences, or about the environment that exists around us. However, two people having the same experiences can view them differently. Our senses influence our thoughts, which in turn shape our perceptions. That is where a power lies. Perception.

Check out the image below.


Now say out loud what you see. You will probably see one of two things. The one thing is clear to you, but the other is not until you discover it and then your interpretation of the image is very different. From that point onwards, your perception of the image will forever be changed. You have taken the power of one-sided perception from it and your experience of it is altered. You will either have seen a saxophone playing man, or a young woman’s face.

There has been a lot written and spoken about positive thinking, meditation, hypnosis, and the like, but I don’t want to discuss these now. I want to suggest that you try the following exercise that will help you shift your perception of whatever it is that you want to focus on. Your current view of it can change.

In a sense, we are looking at rewiring the brain a little. We can so easily become locked into patterns of thought and perceptions that result in behaviours, and these form a repetitive loop. In our daily lives, we have so much information to process, we often don’t even realise we are on a loop cycle. But it can be broken.

So, go on, try this out.

This simple technique will show you how you can be successful in life – using the power of your mind through a little rewiring

Take a minute to think about when you can try this out for 7 consecutive days. It might be when you go for a run, take the dog for a walk, sit on the train, or even potter about the house. You won’t need long, but probably give yourself at least 15 minutes a day – the longer the better.

There will be two constants in the mantra, but the rest of it can be either changed daily, or you can keep the same mantra for the 7 days. Whatever you choose to do, or even if you decide on something in between, you are always going to have an ‘IF’ and ‘THEN’ as the core.

Let me give you some examples,

  • IF I feel gratitude for what I have, THEN I will appreciate it all the more
  • IF I value the time spent with my partner, THEN it will make our relationship stronger
  • IF I spend more time away from the television, THEN I will get other things done

And so on, you get the gist of it I am sure.

If you do it, and keep doing it, then you will be changing the way that your brain processes information, and as such, your thoughts will no longer follow the pattern, and your perceptions of whatever it is you are focussing on will shift, and this can be a long-term alteration. The power of your mind will win the new day.

And it is easy to do. This won’t cost anything, but it will give you much of value in return.

Please check out Derren Brown’s website. He is a phenomenon. We can all learn much from the way he uses the power of the mind.

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