How I Can Help You

I specialise in working with individuals who are aiming to develop their business or organisation – to focus on depth and/or growth.

You may have a need to improve your systems and services, have a project to develop, stakeholders to engage and customers or clients to find. Or, you may have lots of writing to do, or possibly have an issue that demands insightful and determined research. You may have all of these to do at once.

Attempting to tackle these challenges can impact your work/life balance, confidence, inspiration and creativity. Being in a small business can be an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience, but you can also feel a keen sense of isolation. Lack of support is, unfortunately, one of the risk factors.

It is not just about the business potential, it is also about your potential within the business.

What I offer is not just about business consultancy – that often merely provides you with a set of solutions. This is about equipping you with a set of tools to develop your own solutions that are fit for purpose for you and for your business/organisation.

My commitment to you is to play a fundamental part in ensuring that you achieve the results you desire – if you are prepared to work hard to change the things you want to change, then it will happen.


I had five business coaching sessions with Craig and his help has been invaluable. Through a combination of Craig’s listening, insightful questioning and support I was able to develop my vision and set clear milestones along that path to getting the business off the ground.  At the end of the sessions I had a greater sense of clarity, focus and confidence which has remained as I continue to move forward towards my goals. Michael Griffiths