What I Do

Are you dissatisfied with your career or lifestyle, or are you looking to start or develop your own business?

Know you have already begun the process of change. Sometimes, major progress is all about taking lots of small steps. Take another.

Now in its 12th year, based in Scotland and Spain, and run by me, Dr Craig French, I provide a unique client-centred service to start-ups and existing small businesses, organisations and individuals.

flexible, personal, discerning, responsive, ETHICAL, CAPABLE

Embracing an informal yet highly professional approach, I will work with you to channel energy and enthusiasm into identifying and achieving positive outcomes and solutions to a crucial range of issues and activities such as:

  • Enhancing your personal impact and performance
  • Developing and maintaining your motivation
  • Defining a true reflection of your value system
  • Providing insight into the direction of your business
  • Changing the work environment to suit your needs
  • Improving your engagement with others
  • Assisting in a faster and more efficient progression towards goals
  • Bettering your time management
  • Managing change, conflict, stress or crisis
  • Preparing you for a change in role